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Panasonic dvd player troubleshooting

panasonic dvd player troubleshooting

On rare occasions, a power cord, belt, or tray must be replaced. Here are a few quick fixes:. If devices are also plugged into a remote power strip that has a circuit breaker, check the reset control. Look at the connections between the device and the speakers or television set. Then inspect the cord and on-off switch for damage and if you see any, replace them.

Replacement parts are usually available from the manufacturer or at an electronics center. If you have a multi-disc player, see if one of the discs is jammed. If that one works, the first disc is the problem.

Clean it with a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with a few drops of isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You particularly need to clean the disc if you borrowed it from a library or video store. Always try cleaning the disc first before you focus on the player. Gary and Peg Hedstrom are self-taught repair masters with experience in carpentry, plumbing, appliance repair, and more. Judy Ondrla Tremore is a writer and editor for various newspapers and magazines.

About the Book Author Gary and Peg Hedstrom are self-taught repair masters with experience in carpentry, plumbing, appliance repair, and more.Sony DVD players are among the most popular models on the market.

Like any electronic component, a Sony DVD player may eventually develop problems or display the dreaded Disc Error message.

Before you run to the nearest repair shop, try these troubleshooting steps to fix your Sony DVD player so you can get back to watching movies. Clean the disc by placing a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a piece of lens-cleaning paper, and then gently rub the DVD surface in a circular motion. Make sure the home theater receiver is set for DVD playback. The selection can change simply by brushing against a button on a remote control. Check the input setting on the TV.

If the kids change the setting to Input 2 so they can play video games, for instance, you'll need to press the Input button on your remote control to change the setting back for home theater. Unplug the Sony DVD player from the power source for at least 10 minutes.

This will cause the component to reset, often solving many playback problems. Also check and replace the remote control batteries. The cleaning cycle takes about 5 minutes and resolves most Disc Error message problems. By : James Clark. Share Share on Facebook. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

Please enter a valid email.After the counters of electronics stores were flooded with DVD players, these excellent apparatuses also appeared on a table of repairs.

How practice shows, there are similar malfunctions of DVD players in a basic mass. Check the connections again. Power goes off for no apparent reason. Power goes off as soon asit is turned on. Either recharge the battery or replace the discharged battery with a fully charged one. The battery runs down quickly. The battery is affected by the ambient temperature. Its operating time is reduced in low-temperatures.

The battery will become unchargeable. The battery has a certain service life which varies depending on how the battery is used. If the battery operates only for a short period even when it is charged adequately, it has reached the end of its service life. The battery cannot be charged. Disconnect it. The remaining battery capacity is not displayed correctly. To ensure that remaining battery capacity is displayed correctly, use the battery completely from a fully-charged state, and charge the battery again.

Panasonic DVD Player Troubleshooting

Remaining battery capacity may still not be displayed correctly if the battery has been used for long periods in high or low temperatures, or if the battery has been recharged a large number of times.

Cannot start shooting. Cannot focus automatically. When auto focus mode is selected, focusing is performed automatically.You have a new DVD and you are eager to watch a movie, play a game, or install a program, but all these cannot be accomplished because your computer can't play DVD.

Sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when you have a deadline to complete a project. Such problems can be as a result of two things namely software and hardware problems. Of course, when you encounter trouble with a DVD drive, the first thing that comes into your mind is to change the DVD.

The process of changing the DVD is considered as the basic common diagnosis of the troubles that your DVD may cause you to experience. When the same problem occurs, again consider the following two problems. Mechanical problems - Though not that common with DVD drives, but it is worth not ruling it out.

Dirt, dried up lubrication, damaged parts are the main cause of mechanical problems that is associated with DVDs. When such problems occur you are likely to witness erratic problems or total failure. Dirty lens is the most common problem that might be behind your DVD problems, especially if your home or office is dusty or you have heavy smokers around. In such cases, cleaning the lens can work the magic for. When such problems occur, it is important to check by yourself if you have the knowledge concerning the problem.

But if you are not familiar with such problems it is advisable to seek an expert since you might end up worsening the problem if you are not familiar with the repair.

They are much easier to notice, especially if you realize that your DVD skips, continuous or repetitive audio noise, search or track seek problems, random behavior. Such problems are sometimes difficult to diagnosis and most people tend to use the wrong solution to solve these problems. Sometimes you might find out that your DVD drive has mode problem. Sometimes it might play fine and sometimes skip or even abort. Such problems are common with both operating systems Windows and Mac.

Such problems can be attributed to:. It is common to see a scenario where you insert your DVD into the drive and it does not seem to read or load. Then you are wondering what might be the problem. The causes of the problem might be one of the many that are listed below.

panasonic dvd player troubleshooting

Click OK. After which go to the event viewer, and then click Application log. After getting the Application Error sources list, search for an event with an ID ofafter that Double click the event. Note down the file name that will be listed in the description box.

Take note of the file name after that close the Event properties. Open the file for a second time by double-clicking it.

How to Troubleshoot a Sony DVD Player

Now you can do with adjusting servo or, less likely, optical configuration. In some instances, it is common to insert your DVD into your drive and nothing happens. Generally, DVD drives have proven to be very reliable, meaning such outright failures are not a common occurrence. Such problems are likely to be caused by. Check your computer this problem is mainly seen on XP computers. Verify that the version of this program is the latest because of the recent improvement in the program.

Dividing freezing and skipping is a common problem. Such changes are usually caused by:. Gently wipe the disc with a damp cloth. Preferably, you can use a lint-free optical cloth similar to the one used for cleaning glasses. It is important to clean the disk using the correct procedure, which is to rub lightly from the center of the disc to the edge in straight.A typical symptom is you insert a disc in the player and after a while; the CD tray opens again with the message referring to no disc being in the system.

Every time the tray closes, the laser beam fires two long bursts of laser light, and the focusing platform moves up and down attempting to focus the beam. This is the time when it is looking for a disc. If the laser has failed, then it will not be able to detect a CD and therefore the error message appears.

I normally do two things when this happens. I normally clean the lens just in case there is dust on it obstructing the laser path. If cleaning the lens does not solve the problem then I make sure the laser is working. Obviously one should never look directly into the laser unit, you would have to be plain stupid if you did that.

The laser light is bright enough that one can see the diffused red light from a distance obliquely. A piece of paper the size of a standard CD within the tray can also help, because when the tray closes, one can see the diffused red light on the paper. It is usually bright enough and visible from the other side of the paper. If there is no red light, then the laser has failed.

Back in the s, I used to fix many of these and it was always either the spindle motor or the laser that failed. These two components are in constant use and wear out the most. Laser diodes do not last forever, especially on the early players manufactured in the s. It would be very surprising to find a player still working from that era.

Most of those units used cheap motors where the brushes wore out within a few years. Moreover, if that did not fail, then the laser surely would. The laser diode manufacturing process was not as refined either, and those diodes had a short finite life to them.

panasonic dvd player troubleshooting

Most of those early CD players would be hard to find as they often ended up in landfill. I have come across many high-end players of recent time that use the same cheap mass produced drive mechanisms.

Moreover, most of those failed within a few years as well. This is a shame, as one would expect high-end players to have better components for the mechanism; however, it is usually the same cheap mechanism found in unbranded supermarket models.

A laser diode, being a semiconductor, fails in an interesting way. When it is reaching the end of its useful life, and about to fail, it becomes, unstable. Its operation becomes sporadic, which can confuse the user. It might work one minute, but not work the next. Alternatively, it might work for some CDs and not for others. From the user's point of view the player initially starts becoming temperamental, and then stops working completely and unable to read any disc.

If you have an old player that is getting temperamental, then now is the time to buy a new one. I would highly recommend a Blu-ray CD player. The latest players have more functions, better picture quality, and are at half the price! Author: Peter J.There are several steps you can take to troubleshoot your Panasonic DVD player and possibly fix it without spending money on an electronics repair shop.

The most common problem with a DVD player is a "disc error" message with a blank screen, and at least half the time that can be solved by cleaning the DVD laser lens. Try these steps before you head for the repair shop with your Panasonic DVD player. Check the audio-video cable connections between the DVD player and the television or receiver to make sure all plugs are inserted securely. Try a different set of audio-video cables to establish if the problem is with the cables.

Most televisions now have at least three and as many as six inputs for various devices. Test the DVD player with different discs. The problem may turn out to be with a disc and not the Panasonic player itself. Clean the DVD player by inserting a disc cleaner such as Memorex. Follow the cleaning procedure, which usually takes less than 5 minutes. Remove the component cover by unscrewing the Phillips head screws on the bottom and back of the cabinet.

Look inside the DVD cabinet to determine if a disc has slipped and become stuck inside the mechanism. A DVD will occasionally slip out of the tray and become lodged inside the player.

Panasonic DVD Player troubleshooting

If this happens, gently remove the disc without disturbing any of the electronic components. Clean the DVD laser lens more thoroughly by dipping a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and gently swabbing the lens, which is beneath the DVD tray. It may be easier to access by hitting the eject button to slide out the tray while you work. With the power unplugged, examine all connecting wires, internal cables and electronics to see if anything is loose, disconnected or visibly broken.

If you can easily reattach any cable or wire, do so and recheck the operation of the player. If the machine still will not playback DVDs, a trip to the repair shop may be in order. Get the cost of a new DVD player as a benchmark against a repair bill. Often, it is less expensive to buy a new DVD player than it is to repair an older and likely outdated model.

How to Fix CD or DVD Player No Disc Error - won't play cd

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panasonic dvd player troubleshooting

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